Code reviews shouldn't be this hard.

Code review takes time and frustration comparing diffs or knowing what might have broke.

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Plumbr gives you a single pane of glass for code reviews.

See the code, dependency graph map, and dependencies together in a unified view - enabling you to review more code faster, more efficiently without slowing down code velocity.

Without Plumbr

Developers spend too much time doing work that isn't programming such as PR reviews, debugging, and understanding the code.

Using Plumbr

Plumbr's dependency graph map shows you the dependencies of your code, giving you a live, up-to-date view of your code in a single view — reducing the time to track changes and gain context.

Without Plumbr

Code reviews can be frustrating.  Devs build up a mental map of what they expect to see from their code and validate it against what is there, spending too much  time to contextualize what they are looking for.

Using Plumbr

Plumbr's dependency graph map highlights code dependencies so you can review PRs with full context, taking out the painful guess & check work.

What's a dependency graph map?

Without Plumbr

Developers are pressed for time which can prevent them from understanding the full logic of all their code. This leaves room for confusion or guess work, which can cause bugs, downtime, and frustrated customers.

Using Plumbr

Plumbr's dependency graph map groups your code intuitively, so you can review based on logic and functionality. Visualize dependencies to quickly grasp the impact of a code change.

What's a Dependency Graph Map?

Plumbr's Dependency Graph Map is the only scalable way to visualize software dependencies. When you change code, it knows what is affected and we present that in our intuitive UI.
Think of it like navigation in Google Maps - just like turn-by-turn directions matter most when you are driving, we provide our map when it matters most - during code reviews. Our map gives you the power to review better and minimize the amount of brittle code you ship.

Comment with the full context
See your dependencies
Continually uncover new bugs
Notify affected users
Rather than losing context when you get that annoying Slack message, Plumbr's Dependency Graph Map keeps what's in your head on the screen.
Keep focused on the code that matters.  See your comments alongside your code that’s modified and its dependencies.  Save time by switching between your IDE & the code review less.
With Plumbr's Code Review UI, you can discover what will be impacted without jumping around or losing context.
Keep focused on the code that matters. See your comments, code, and its dependencies, all in a single view. With Plumbr, you can save time switching between your IDE & code reviews.

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We support the most popular languages, and then some.
We started with the top 10, and keep adding more every week.

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Kelsey Hightower
Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform
"Before Plumbr, everyone’s guessing and drawing the big boxes with lines, but [with Plumbr] now you’re doing live probing of their software world - giving them a dependency graph based on reality."
Brandon Leach
Software Architect at Autodesk
"Wait, can you map all software? [Yes.]. Okay – this is going to save us 20-30% of our developer’s time"

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